This is a side shoot for my Sienna Saint-Cyr blog. My Sienna blog was designed to be my main author blog and dedicated to topics of sex and healing trauma through sexuality. But like any human, I have far more on my mind than sex alone.

Since fifteen I’ve been an advocate for open relationships and embracing sexuality. I also took part in fundraisers for AIDS awareness and gay rights. As I got older my focus shifted to include the media and misinformation shared by them. I had a brilliant teacher in college that taught about corporations and advertising. I’d planned to go into journalism and/or advertising.

What I learned devastated me. I could no longer go into advertising with a clear conscience. So I shifted my goals to work on graphics and web design.

When I got old enough to have kids, many things changed for me. My oldest son began having issues with vaccines. It was right around the time when all the hubbub was going around about the MMR causing Autism. So when my husband and I began to see changes in our son, we were dismissed and labeled as anti-vaxxers. We were discredited based on a bullshit assumption that we were claiming he had Autism from that shot.

Except he didn’t have Autism and his reactions weren’t from the MMR. AND we weren’t against vaccines. Doctors now tell us he would have likely died if we’d listened to that original doc and kept on vaccinating.

Later, I began dealing with some fucked up childhood memories of sexual abuse. They’ve been tough to face, but I have. Because of my work there, I’ve learned so much about mental health, about passive-aggressive people, narcissists, borderlines, abusers, bullies, and that’s led to understanding where things like racism, misogyny, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and prejudice in general come from.

In this current day and age, with all the fighting and hatred being spread on a grand scale, this blog is for me to speak my mind on all of these controversial matters that people don’t like to hear about elsewhere.

This is a place where I call out bully behavior. Where I won’t play nice just because of a label. People can claim to be whatever they want, but I will call out actions that contradict that claim.

In other words, I’ll be Fighting With Fire.