Divide and Conquer Means We Lose

For those of you that have been following my Sienna blog, this is a new one I’ve created to keep some of the politics off of my sex blog. I’ve got a lot to say—as many of us do—lately and I need to get it out. This post may seem to support one political party but I urge you to read all the way through. Some of this might surprise you.

The other night I was soooo mad after I saw Meryl Streep’s speech. Not because of her speech, but because of what I found afterward.

I wanted to write a blog post about how Meryl is right (which I’ll get into later because the reasons I feel she’s right may not align with what most people think) and instead of finding her Golden Globe speech I instead found some asshole going off about her and the liberal media. And I say asshole because of his behavior, not his opinion.

I watched the video so I’d be fair. I heard him out. I watched his comparisons of trump mocking others. I read the thousands of comments from just a few short hours after being published and I was disgusted.

What Meryl said (and I’m adding the video so you can see for yourself) is that when people in power mock the disabled, they give permission for others to do so. She said a lot more, but she didn’t call trump out by name, she didn’t go into the mile long list of others he’s mocked or belittled or name called, she focused on one incident and told us that his behavior wasn’t okay.

And I completely, wholeheartedly agree.

What people were saying on this other video I found was that the liberal media was once again spreading lies about trump. The man making the video claimed Meryl had been duped by the ‘liberal media’ and was therefore, spreading lies. His claim? “Trump wasn’t mocking a disabled person, he mocks everyone that way!”

Now, let’s take a look at that sentence, shall we?

Our President elect mocks EVERYONE that way…

The more I watched, read, listened to, and observed with my own eyes, the more I realized most of us have been duped. We’ve been tricked into fighting one another and focusing on liberals vs. conservatives, democrat vs. republican rather than calling out the behavior of those with power. But the bottom line is, we are all JUST PEOPLE. The labels become irrelevant when we focus on actions.

It’s our actions and behaviors that speak so loudly. Not our political party or claim to such.

What I’m seeing lately is the divide and conquer strategy. I’m seeing liberals and conservatives fighting and blaming one another, I’m seeing independent voters doing the same, we’re all fighting each other and yet few of us are aware of our history. Of how politicians have literally swapped parties when one wouldn’t endorse them. Of how parties have switched places at times and what they’ve stood for have switched over the years. And this method of dividing us is serving those at the top, not us at the bottom.

If we turn our backs on one another, we’ve failed as humans.

Because of this, after this post, I won’t discuss party labels anymore. NOPE. Not gonna do it. It’s being used by too many to make blanket accusations and that’s not okay.

From this point forward, I will only discuss people by names and actions. Not their party.

We all have a responsibility to know the truth. We cannot defend someone simply because of their party. We also can’t blame them for such.

We must look at the actions of our leaders and us as individuals.


Regarding Mocking:

After watching trump mock that reporter, I do feel he was mocking a disability, even if trump wasn’t aware of that reporter’s specific disability. I say this because when someone mocks by deliberately screwing up speech and animatedly using their hands, it’s usually to say, “You’re stupid” “You’re retarded” “You’re less than human” and the roots of much of that come from the fact that disabled people used to be seen as mentally handicapped as well. People with any sort of mental or physical disability were seen as less, as ‘stupid’ and treated as such. History is full of this treatment, which is why we have laws to protect people now and advocates to make sure these laws are upheld.

Mocking in the manner trump does, reflects mocking a mentally and/or physically disabled person. So even if he didn’t know that one reporter was disabled, his actions speak loudly and illustrate that when he mocks anyone, this is the manner in which he chooses to do so.

If trump had mocked the reporter or anyone else by speaking in a roadrunner voice, no one would have thought he was making fun of a disability.

And this is where we get to accountability.

Trump is responsible for his actions and behavior. He chose to mock people. That’s ALL on him. No one held a gun to his head and made him mock anyone. That’s just who he is. He can’t blame anyone for pointing out bad behavior. That’s bullshit. He has to own his choices just like the rest of us do. This is also not mentioning the fact that the reporter claims they were on a first name basis… Who are we inclined to believe when one person is making fun of someone else? We’re sure not going to trust the one bullying.

I also saw a tweet that seems to be deleted now, where trump claimed he wasn’t mocking the reporter period. Hmmm, not so. I won’t claim trump knew for sure that this reporter was disabled. I won’t claim that trump understands the roots of mocking behavior. But I will claim that he is responsible regardless of what he ‘knew’ to be true.

Actions have consequences. If you don’t want to be accused of making fun of a disabled person then DON’T MOCK PEOPLE. It’s that simple.

Responsibility of Those in Power:

This is where responsibility comes in. Trump is supposed to be our leader. Our President. Yet he’s so caught up in making fun of and belittling people that he’s fighting the media and getting into Twitter wars. He’s showing us all that it’s acceptable behavior to act like this.

It’s not.

It’s NEVER okay to mock or make fun of people. It’s pathetic. It’s what people that lack intelligence do. It’s what people that lack true power do.

Whether or not the majority voted him in, he’s our next president. We’re stuck in this position. He needs to step up and show a good example. This means speaking respectfully with others regardless of whether or not he agrees with them. This means treating everyone as equals, regardless of gender, religion, skin tone, or class. This means he needs to stop being so defensive all the time and act like a leader. This means that even if he personally feels things like global warming are a conspiracy, he has a responsibility to listen to authorities on this matter.

Imagine if we went to war because someone was offended over a tweet. Then imagine if he sent us into battle, guns firing, bombs dropping, without checking with any military agencies? What would happen?

My point is that presidents usually listen to their advisors. And those advisors are experts in their fields. A president shouldn’t go to an expert on lawn care for knowledge on roofing. What he believes to be true as an individual no longer matters when it comes to his role as President of the United States. Only dictators and fascists would base decisions that affect the entire population off of their own personal beliefs.

If trump wants me to call him President Trump, then he needs to behave like a President.

Magicians and the Sleight of Hand:

My biggest concern right now is how much people are focused on calling out one another for their party affiliation or worrying about tweets when there are larger things happening.

I am aware that some of you know what’s really going on. Like the ACA being repealed. Like the “no exceptions” policy for Ambassadors. (While it is common for presidents to replace ambassadors, it’s not so common to replace all on the day of inauguration ‘without exception’. There is misinformation here as the embassies will not be without anyone, that’s the job of Deputy Chief of Mission until there’s a replacement, this is still unusual and doesn’t scream that trump wants to work with others of opposing views.) Like funding being pulled from Planned Parenthood…

Oh, and let’s not forget German tanks moving toward Russia. OH WAIT! That began back in October!

Now the US has sent tanks to Germany to aid as they moved to the Russian border. Here is one link, though there are many…

The most disturbing part of this is we heard Russia took part in rigging our election in favor of trump who, wants to be friends with Putin? Granted, I’m all for peace. I’m quite antiwar actually, but these events are too closely connected. Trump isn’t official yet, so who sent the tanks to aid Germany? Was it President Obama? If so, was this why Russia aided trump? So he’d pull out? (no sexual pun intended)

**Added – As if the cosmos opened up and sent an answer to my post, this popped up just a bit ago. I highly suggest the read.

There is so much bothering me about this that mere twitter wars and keeping focus off of the BIG things is like the magician’s sleight of hand.

What is the truth in all of this? We may never know. I sure know how all of this looks, but that doesn’t mean it’s fact.

And facts are what I need.


At this point, I feel we need stop fighting one another and focus on standing up for one another.

Who we voted for is irrelevant. Our votes meant nothing to the Electoral College. We could have voted for Bart Simpson and it wouldn’t have mattered.

I know, I know… it’s easy to take things personally. It’s easy to label everyone that voted for him as a racist, sexist, fascist. I know because Trump and his appointed staff are hugely triggering for me. They make my skin crawl even. But this doesn’t mean I feel this way about all of his followers. It doesn’t mean I see all his followers are racist, sexist, fascists.

Actions of individuals are what make me see someone as racist, sexist, fascists.

The fact is, we’re going to need each other in these coming years. We can’t afford this fighting and bickering. We can’t afford our PRIDE, and our pride is getting in the way. We’re so focused on who is right and who is wrong that we’re losing sight of the actual bad behaviors.

No matter who we are or who we voted for, our actions are what matters now. If we see someone mocking, we need to stand up to them, NOT defend their behavior. If we hear racist comments, we need to stand up to the person saying it. If we see abuse, we need to stop it.

We are all we have.

We better start acting like it.